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The Black Sex Workers Collective
Hydra e.V.
Ron Hades
Sex Worker Action Group
SW- section of the FAU

SW UnConference 2022 is a 2-day, community-led conference from September 16th to September 17th, 2022, held in Berlin, Germany—a city with a high number of sex workers. This year’s theme is “Discrimination & Support”. September 16th & 17th are by and for sex workers only. 

On September 15th the Orga-Team of SW UnConference hosts the first Ally Day, where we welcome sex-worker allied organizations and individuals.

The SW UnConference will include educational and capacity-building workshops, barcamp, live performances by sex workers, networking opportunities, and a sex worker only opening night.

With a focus on peer-to-peer empowerment, we seek to build a movement which is for ALL sex workers and not just a selected few. As within other communities or workplaces, the voices of marginalised sex workers can often go unheard. Sex workers who are BIPoC/Trans*/HIV+/unhoused/migrant/differently abled/+ experience unique discrimination; not only whore stigma, as we all do, from society at large, but within the sex worker community too. We recognise that the voices of sex workers who face multiple discrimination are key to our community organising and building a sustainable future together.

Those who do not work in an environment with other sex workers commonly report that loneliness is a difficult part of participating in the industry. Sex workers who work alone can be at an increased risk of danger–this type of community event and opportunity to connect with other sex workers is vital.

In 2022, we will welcome for the first time allied organizations of sex workers for one Ally Day, to build sustainable relationships with them and to bond closer in our intersectional fight for social justice.  All workshops, performances, and support during the sex-worker only days of the conference will be facilitated by sex workers only. Workshops on the ally-only day may also be facilitated by allies.

The SW UnConference in 2021 was held to build community and provide support to sex workers after the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the sex work industry. It was the most diverse sex worker conference in Germany’s history, but still failed to reach all members of our community due to resource constraints.

This year, you can provide additional support financially strained sex workers to attend the conference by donating to the sex worker scholarship fund here!

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