Workshops 2021


Even Whores can get the Blues - Finn Peaks - un.conference

Finn Peaks

Even Whores get the blues

Dieser Workshop eröffnet einen Diskussionsraum für Sexarbeiterinnen, die von chronischen Schmerzen und/oder psychischen Beeinträchtigungen betroffen sind.

Unsere Arbeit ist meistens sehr körperlich aber auch psychisch fordernd – für erkrankte Menschen ergeben sich dadurch nochmal besondere Herausforderungen.

Wir sollen auf unsere Kund*innen sexy und lustvoll wirken, fühlen aber genau null Libido und sind ständig den Tränen nahe?
Was, wenn sich unsere Schmerztoleranz ständig verschiebt und wir dadurch viele Bookings nicht mehr annehmen können?
Wenn uns unsere Dates „zu nahe“ treten und wir überfordert sind mit unserem inneren Zustand, der Situation und dem Druck, doch irgendwie Geld zu verdienen?

Im Workshop wollen wir einerseits Trost und Gehör finden, aber auch gemeinsam Strategien im Umgang mit uns selbst und unserer Arbeit entwickeln.
Depressive Dominas und schmerzkranke Stripper* – es gibt uns! Lasst uns drüber reden!

Ich bin ein trans*genderqueerer Sexarbeiter, Pornodarsteller und Stripper. Seit einer Erkrankung vor sieben Jahren lebe ich mit chronischen Schmerzen und diversen psychischen Problemen. Ich habe einige Workshops zu diesem Thema aber auch zu Trans*Körpern, BDSM, queeres Striptease etc. gehalten – weil ich so unsere Communities am Liebsten unterstütze.
IG: @finn.peaks

Emilian Walter

Creating togetherness

A space to share our experiences, to build trust and to celebrate the hope of a better future

This workshop aims to create a space to build trust between sexworkers, through exchanging on our individual experiences of the work. We will explore our painful and joyful emotions related to the work, our self-care methods as sexworkers, and listening to each other intersectional experiences. This will be done by co-listening exercises, sharing circles, and a time to consensually exchange massages or advice.

At the end, there will be a time for healing and celebrating through a guided meditation centered on imagining a world without stigma, then through movement or dance we will express the joy of this shared utopia

Emilian is a queer sexworker, a workshop facilitator, a life-coach and a performer based in Berlin


Lady Carmen

Bullying – Hierarchy ln Sexwork

How do you recognize bullying among sexworkers? Why you are part of the problem, but can also be part of the solution

In this workshop we will find out why there is „Whore Hierarchy“. Understand microaggressions that have become commonplace for us.
We learn to recognize victims and perpetrators. We develop strategies to avoid bullying and hierarchies.

My name is Carmen, I lived in Berlin since 2012 and I’m 41 years old.
I have been working as a SW since 2016. As someone who has been marginalized and stigmatized several times, I stand up for self-determination.

Insta @ladycarmenberlin
Twitter @FireCarmen



The Talk –
a discussion about working as a BPOC-SW “after” Covid

A skill sharing workshop for Black and POC sex workers exploring the influence of the pandamic on our working conditions.

Join us at the Unconference as we take a closer look at how the pandemic influenced our working situation, clients and mental health.
The Talk is a skill sharing workshop aiming to give BIPOC sex workers the room to share their experiences and feelings from the past year, being listened to and to get advice from other BIPOCs.

The Black Sex Worker Collective seeks to address the needs of current and former Black sex workers by providing education, legal assistance and healthcare resources in order to successfully leave & maintain a life outside of the industry.
Our goal is to create a safe space where the unique experiences and needs of Black Sex Worker voices are validated and responded with appropriate needs based resources.

Weapons of Influence - Mischa - un.conference


Wepaons of influence

Learn to defence yourself against manipulation when used by police, or others

Robert Cialdini, a psychology professor has done extensive research on marketing and communication techniques that salespeople use to influence people’s behavior. These are universal techniques that work on a deep unconscious level. Some people have a natural feeling for this, they are masters of manipulation. Specific attention will be paid to The table of 10, a research by Ellen Giebels and Siegrid Noelander commissioned by the Dutch and Belgian police about effective influence during negotiations. These are based on the 10 concepts: sympathy, self-image, scarcity, authority, repetition, intimidation, similarity, reciprocity, consistency, rationality

  • The workshop starts with a visual presentation to explain the 10 manipulation techniques, with examples from art and movies combined with group questions to examine whether the manipulation techniques are understood by all
  • After that I will guide role-plays in which some participants play cops and others take on the role of sex worker. Those who do not participate in the role play are instructed to recognize the various manipulation techniques used by the actors
  • We will close with a circle discussion where participants have time to respond to the role play, express their feelings and share their experiences and giving each other advice how to deal with police brutality

I am a sex worker and activist. I feel at home in this community, here I can be myself. I am concerned about human rights being further restricted, and especially about sex workers‘ rights, because this will eventually affect anyone who does not adhere to the prevailing heterosexual morality.

I am an active member od SAVE ans Sekswerk-Expertise Co-founder of Peep Show Hoes: A coronaproof peep show on wheels to draw attention to the lost workplaces of sex workers during the pandemic

Co-founder of Sex Workers Action Research Projects (SWARP): Sex workers work together with the municipality, police, aid work and others to initiate a positive change for sex workers’rights

Co-founder of Reimagining Sex Work: With the development of a guide for journalists about sex work and how to write about sex work in a constructive way and with the development of a sex work positive imagebank for journalism, we want to combat the stigma on sex work and improve the representation of sex work and sex workers in the media

direct link to the workshop (English and Dutch) (:
blog (in Dutch):
actvism twitter: @ikdoewatikdoe

website Reimaging Sex Work:
twitter: @reimaginingsw

instagram Peep Show Hoes: @peepshowhoes

Lara Mandelbrot

Digital Self-Defense and Safety

A workshop centered around taking control of your data and defending yourself against surveillance

Digital safety is increasingly important for sex workers, especially for those who are marginalized and criminalized along multiple axes. In this workshop, you will learn how to defend yourself from surveillance, both from private and state actors. You will build up a portfolio of tactics and tools to keep your conversations, photos, social media profiles, and other sensitive data away from prying eyes. Additionally, you will learn how to research clients and locations – among other things – anonymously. The workshop can be held in any combination of English, German, and Romanian. No experience with technology needed; beginners are especially invited to join! Please bring your laptops/smartphones, as the last portion of the workshop is practical.

Lara Mandelbrot is a former FSSW, and current activist and digital safety consultant. She is part of two Berlin collectives focused on digital safety, – a collective empowering activists -, and cyphersex – a collective empowering sex workers and the LGTBQ+ community – in taking control of their data.